Life Coach

"It was great meeting Lynette recently as a life coach.

I was looking for some guidance and clarity about my work life and

new business on a personal level and I found Lynette to have a lovely

calming and caring nature. She was respectful and listened to me

and gave me the time to explain what I was looking for. This

meant I felt comfortable, relaxed and safe in her company.


Lynette was patient in her questioning, insightful, and I felt a

definite sense of inner strength and spirit as I talked with her.

She is intuitive and helped me work through a couple of issues

and clarify what I needed to do, to move forward. Lynette is warm

and natural, I would definitely recommend her as a great life coach.


Lynette is a Master of being guided by her own inner wisdom -

you can feel that in her presence instantly. Her beliefs

around depression redefine it completely - if you can see

it as something to experience in full rather than medicating,

(know that it is ok to feel pain), and let yourself process whatever is

unresolved within you, you will heal yourself and take back the power.

It is a natural process that needs to be experienced, rather than avoided.




"I found this retreat rewarding in so many ways.

I gained practical tools to implement in my every day life 

to guide me to my true path. Lynette was a fantastic facilitator,

guiding us all to connect with our spirit and find the messages

within ourselves. Thank you so much for a life changing retreat.


"This retreat was fantastic for me --- just what I needed.

I really appreciated the space to have my own experience

whilst being provided with guidance and tools to take

away with me. It's been a wonderfully positive step in

the continuation of my journey along my spiritual path.

Thanks so much Lynette.


 "I thoroughly enjoyed the two day Divine Whispers workshop with

Lynette Franken. This was my first experience in a workshop like this

and I didn't know on what to expect. Lynette's communication leading to

workshop days was fantastic. I had never met her before but her constant communication with participants made it much easier and comfortable. 

Lynette took great care in choosing the location and made all participants

very very comfortable right at the start with her calm approach and well

thought out activities.  My two days at the retreat were filled with great

relaxing exercises, wonderful techniques, meaningful discussions and

deep reflection and meditation to connect with the inner self.

There was very positive energy all through the workshop and everyone

had positive things to say about their experience. The homemade food

delicious meals made the whole experience all the more positive. 

I would highly recommend Lynette's workshops to anyone looking for

those unanswered questions and techniques to connect with one self. 

Best wishes and warm regards,


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