Divine Whispers Workshops

Online Zoom Courses
One Day Workshop.
A weekend retreat - workshop.
Or 8 week course. 
Face-to-face or online using zoom. 

Your intuitive journey . . .

We may become distracted in the World and lose

track of our True Nature ... Always Deep Within

is the Call of our True Self ... Inviting us to Remember

who we are. This is the Great Journey of Life.

Throughout these workshops you will

experience a journey of personal, intuitive, mental and

emotional transformation - a journey that will

change your life in very profound ways.

 Day Workshops

9:30am – 11:30am /  Lunch / 12:30pm – 2pm

Cost $45     (BYO lunch. Coffee & tea provided)

Are you ready to see your self in ways you have not yet seen?

You will learn easy - real - effective skills?
• How to connect and tune in deeply

with your intuition - inner wisdom.

• Acknowledge thoughts, emotions and how

not to be consumed by or attached to them.
• Learn how to navigate the duality mind with ease and

understand the difference between the ego and the intuition.
• Address past issues that are ready to be healed by accessing

intuitive truths not yet seen, via the ancient art of internal inquiry.
• Transform your state of mind from repeating thought patterns,

mindsets, habits and beliefs that no longer serve your highest good.

Weekend Retreat Workshops


* Learn how to connect and listen to your intuition and

how to use it in your every day life decisions.

*Cultivate a strong connection with your inner wisdom -

intuition through asking questions called 'internal inquiries'.

Brings awareness of intuition truth instead of ego illusion.

* Intuitively connect with Mother Nature to hear,

see, feel or sense her messages for you by

exposing your natural psychic abilities.

* Embrace your spiritual journey by living intuitively.

To be fully guided by the Divine within you.



* Explore your duality mind, the traits of

good/positive = Intuition . . . bad/negative = Ego.

* Learn how to navigate the mind with ease and

understand the benefits of both Ego and Intuition.

Which then creates a more balanced mind.

* Transform your state of mind from repeating ways,

thought patterns, mindsets, habits and beliefs

that no longer serve your highest good.



* Learn how to observe emotions and not

become consumed by or attached to them.

* Experience the path between the Highs and the Lows.

Living freely, peacefully with the duality mind.

* People are a reflection of ourselves, you will learn how

to see much deeper, clearer and more of your true self.

*  Embrace self worth, self love and self acceptance.

* Address past issues that need to be healed.

By seeing intuitive truths, not yet seen.

Truth brings freedom and love heals





Non attachment

Embracing Change

Personal Discoveries

Forgiveness of self and others

A deepening of one's existence

Divine Whispers - retreat workshops

These workshops run from: 

Friday 6pm - Sunday 2pm

Venue town:  Whangamata

Cost:   nz - $350.00

Minimum: 7 people

Contact me if your interested.

For people who may have 7 persons living in

the same town ... I can come to you.

© 2020 by Lynette Franken

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