Silent Observer

This is a personal - spiritual journey.

Ancient techniques were given to me

from my inner wisdom to heal, grow and expand my own

consciousness to a great sense of inner peace and compassion.

By using these life changing and completely inspiring

ancient techniques, they had a deep profound impact

on me knowing we do not have to suffer in life.

The greatest journey of all was cultivating

the wisdom to know the difference between the

ego - trickster and the inner wisdom - intuition duality of my mind.

Following the guidance of my inner wisdom

brought a wonderful transformation and great freedom

within myself. Along with many amazing, enlightening life

experiences of the seen and unseen.

"If you want to enjoy outside the square thinking,

this is a diverse, powerful, thought-provoking book to read.

Lynette reveals an intriguing, raw, descriptive insight into her own unique

journey through life. How she was guided by tuning into her higher spiritual being and how that helped her with every part of her life,

life’s challenges and experiences."  Review by Tina Oliver.

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© 2020 by Lynette Franken

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