A bit About Lynette

Lynette lived a life of mainly silence and solitude, never really 

feeling a part of this World, but at the same time actively taking 

part in life with some vivid Spiritual experiences along the way.
       Through temptation the course of Lynette's life changed dramatically,

resulting in Spiritual, Mental and Emotional anguish, turmoil and pain. 

She fell so low and so deep that she saw her Inner Self - soul, it was

dark & empty. All because she didn't listen to her Intuition. 


A year later a voice from Within spoke,

"It's time, I give myself to serve God!"

She didn't even know if she believed in God,

but she felt this Inner Wisdom message as a Knowing that

resonated throughout her Entire Being. Huge Conscious shifts followed

from learning's, techniques, realizations, self healing and self discoveries.

All through listening to her Inner Wisdom - intuition and Trusting in the

processes of her personal journey. During this time Lynette was

prompted to share her learnings with others who had lost

their way or who were struggling in life.

These Techniques helped quicken Lynette's evolution ...

transforming & enhancing her life immensely. She had traveled 

nearly half the World and that was an awesome experience for her,

but Awakening unto her True Self is by far the most Amazing Journey.

         Lynette was guided by the Dalai Lama to the techniques of 

Kriya Yoga meditation, the line of Paramahansa Yogananda,

at the same time she was visited by the deathless Saint

Mahavatar Babaji (Being of light)  who lives among the

Himalaya Mountains. Five years later Lynette

was then led to Vipassana Meditation, by

Gautama Buddha & the Dalai Lama 

The Universal Path of Dhamma.

© 2020 by Lynette Franken

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