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Divine Whispers
Embracing Change

Lynette Franken

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Face to face & online

Personal - Spiritual

Life Coach

As a Life Coach, I offer support as we journey together in a comfortable, confidential space,where you can

feel at ease to speak openly and freely.​

I help you to find your own answers

that are already within you. At the moment you may not be able to 

access them because of different reasons clouding your own

inner wisdom - intuition.

The greatest journey of all

is cultivating the wisdom to

know the difference between the

ego-trickster and the intuition

- inner wisdom duality of the mind.


Following the guidance of your 

inner wisdom will bring about a wonderful

transformation and great freedom within yourself.

On these workshops you will learn life changing

techniques to attain your inner wisdom.

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Animal Whisperer

with photo's

I love communicating with our furry

friends. Which can help you if you’re

having any problems or concerns with yours ... Or if you would like 

to know a bit more about your pet on a deeper personal level.

I can also communicate

with our furry friends that have

passed over into spirit form.


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